DeepPRIME 'Noise model' renamed to 'Force details'

Does ‘Force details’ work exactly as ‘Noise model’?

It seems that DP(XD) ‘Noise model’ setting was renamed to ‘Force details’ in PL7.5, on Windows at least. The ‘Noise model’ is used in papers on NR, while ‘Force details’ is more intuitive to average user (and used in PureRAW?), which was probably the reason for this change.

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Good catch. The manual still describes “Noise model” as follows:

Noise model (RAW files, DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD modes only): determines the threshold of detail by altering the noise mode used. Set to 0 by default, the slider will extract more details when moved to the right, towards a more natural rendering, when slid to the left the rendering will be softer, with fewer details.

Similarly, the palette help (? icon) text shows this:

Force details
Defines the detail/blur threshold used during noise reduction. Changing this value offsets the calibrated noise model used … Decreasing this value will produce a softer rendering… Increasing this value will provide more details but could cause a less natural result.

While there’s a contradiction between the two messages (what is meant by “natural”), the actual functionality seems to have remained the same. I’m guessing this is in response to customer feedback. We’ll see if this change lasts, since the old function name and description remain documented.

Seems so. Both versions map in DOP file to ‘NoiseDetailsPreservation’ and probably the change is only in the UI name. The ‘natural’ look depends on the observer, so help topics were written by two different people, I guess.

I had never noticed the advanced settings for noise reduction. I have only PL6 (Windows) and Force details is one of them, rather than Noise model as implied by the OP.

I was not aware of that – I have used PL7.x only. In earlier PL7.x versions and as of today also in online user guide, the setting is still called ‘Noise model’, like in PL6_manual_EN.pdf (for PL6.3), btw. Anyway, not a real problem.

There are similar discrepancies in several of the PLn User Manuals that I have read.