DeepPrime Masking (PL 4)

I’m new to PL (but experienced in other RAW processing tools (Lr, COne)) so this may be my lack of experience. I’m re-processing some older images with high ISO and seeing great results with DeepPrime. Some specific images - low light concert photos - with shallow DOF are problematic. While DP does a fantastic job on the in-focus performers the background has too much detail and the audience ends up looking like ghosts! Is there a way to localise the DP treatment with a mask so it’s not applied to the background?

Have you tried the same but starting with “No corrections” preset and just DeepPrime enabled? Since you are new to PL I guess you may be using the default preset. Some problematic settings for the bokeh could be micro contrast and clear view.

Can you post an example of the background with and without DeepPrime?

Looks like ClearView was the culprit. I’m left with the same problem - how to apply ClearView to the subject and not the background? These tools are very powerful in the overall effect but seem to lack the ability to apply to localised areas?

With a local ClearView local adjustment?

Ahhh - just found that after your prompt. Great, thanks.

Maybe additional DxO settings (Smart Lighting, Denoise etc) could be added to that in future versions?

The plan is too add others, although I suspect that local NR with DeepPRIME may not be one of them. In addition, the current equalize format lacks functionality available with palette sliders and much more growth will make it unwieldy. As more and more local adjustment features like the color wheel or the tone curve are added they won’t be able to make use of the equalizer format and will be implemented in the Local Adjustment palette which was only introduced in PhotoLab 3. While I can’t say for sure, based on conversations with DXO I believe there will be some Local Adjustment addtions for version 5.


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In Capture One for each mask all correction tools are applicable and in the same as for the whole image, so one has full control of everything and without muddling around via the equalizer…
As a primary C1 user I tested PureRaw and found an exaggerated sharpening especially for flash lighted fine structures like hairs. So I am testing PL 4 in the hope to apply denoising only within a maks. But that does not seem to exist!