DeepPrime is great but

DeepPrime is very very nice,

However, the fact that you must export the image to commit it is annoying. It makes sense to do denoise early in the workflow as many operations increases noise.

I understand that this was done due to performance reason, so either have a preference that allow me to enable/disable DeepPrime “on the spot” (the default should be set based on the user’s computer performance level). Or use caching, so it should not be redone on every operation.


DeepPRIME is done very early on in the workflow. It’s just that you can’t see its effect in the full image viewer, otherwise it would take an age to refresh every change you make.

Don’t forget, nothing actually changes in the RAW file, everything PL does is basically adding “filters” in front of the image. The DeepPRIME “filter” is not properly visible in the viewer because it is too “expensive” but it is applied very early on in the process that creates the exported file.

In fact, wouldn’t it be the first step? Seeing as it is doing the demosaicing.