DeepPRIME fails to process 75% of the time

I purchased a license after running the trial but now 75% of the files I try to process with DeepPRIME fail. HQ and PRIME have no problems with the same files. Is there something I am missing.

I have attached three files to illustrate the issue.

DxO developers will need a detailed system report, hardware and OS to be able to troubleshoot these kind of performance issues. It sounds like it might be an out of memory type of error. On memory overflow, the processing fails.

Perhaps DxO could provide a template or a standard utility output to gather this information in the format they prefer. @sgospodarenko

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CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12-Core Processor 4.6MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Memory
C Drive: 1GB Samsung SSD

Did try the CPU Only processing workaround and this solved the problem but increased the processing time significantly.

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Same issue here ( PureRAW Creating Blank DNG files? - DxO PureRAW - DxO Forums and it should not be a memory issue as I have 32GB installed which are never fully utilized by PureRaw

Kim; this suggests your GPU may be the source of the problem.

I have a GEFORCE GPU too - but mine’s the GTX 1650 ; Is yours perhaps an older model than mine ?

John M

John-I am running a GeForce RTX 2070 Super. It is rated as the 16th fastest graphics card by GPU Benchmark. Yours is rated as the 34th fastest. So I really wonder how fast a GPU you need to stop the DxO PureRAW in DeepPRIME from rendering black DNGs?

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OK - You’ve rather conclusively discounted your GPU as the problem, Kim :laughing:
That’s the extent of my speculation then - - I can’t think of any other suggestions as to cause.


Thanks for the suggestion John. I agree, my research sort of discounts our video cards. Kind of leads us back to a software glitch. However, using the CPU Only has worked 100% of the time. I just adjust for the extended processing time. FYI, I have 64GB of RAM and am running a pretty fast CPU on an extremely fast SSD drive. All in all, this should be pretty fast processing. Oh Well.

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Would be nice to get some feedback / status from Support. I asked them already several times after I issued a support ticket (#265954) - but no response at all since weeks :frowning_face:


Some good news (since we mostly write about what doesn’t work which must be depressing for DxO engineers). Processing Nikon D850 and Z6 files on Mac OS X 10.14.6 with a Radeon VII has not led to any processing failures and has been quite quick. I’m wondering if AMD cards do better under Windows as well.

Good hear. However, I no longer have any Apple computers so it’s hard to extrapolate it Radeon card would perform better than the NVIDIA cards.

I would hope that the DxO engineers would be excited by the challenge of trying solve this problem. You are correct in that most forum posts are concerning problems and not praise for a job well done. Human nature???

While I have no personal experience with AMD cards and can’t share any opinion, I have read virtually every post concerning graphic card GPUs on all the forums here and my general impression is that the overwhelming number of Windows users have Nvidia cards. There seems to be very little anecdotal performance information regarding AMD cards.


Looking forward to hearing some…the Nvidia code must be fixed but it would be interesting to know if the failures are manufacturer specific.

Here’s a link to a site that lists “User” GPU ratings based on real world use. It turns out my card is the 6th fastest. So I am assuming we can discount the GPU performance power being the problem. Here’s the link to the results for those so inclined;

Kim, the architecture of Nvidia and AMD cards is significantly different. It may be that the issues you are facing don’t appear with AMD cards. Or indeed they may. Hopefully someone on Windows with an AMD card will be able to report in.

Moreover, very recent and nominally faster graphic cards sometimes don’t perform as well – or at all well – as their drivers don’t yet match application code. More data is needed here.

try reinstalling your software and leave all the options in the perfences on auto that should fix the issue in my opinion I am giving you an advice from my own experiance @KBS

Adam-Followed your suggestions. Uninstalled DxO DeepPRIME and reinstalled it. Ran two images with AUTO selected. First one was fine. Second one is black. So still no solution. Thanks for trying.

I’m using an AMD RX560 with 4GB of memory - same issue here

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Thanks dsar! At least one AMD card is exhibiting the same problems. I am assuming you are on a Windows 10 machine?

I bumped into this problem almost immediately as well during my first few test runs of the trial. Running on Windows 10 with a Nvidia card and using Lightroom at the same time. DeepPrime with CPU-only selected in preferences works fine with Lightroom open, while Auto results in blank DNGs much, but not all, of the time.

Someone suggested in another thread that closing Lightroom while processing DeepPrime images in PureRaw could prevent the issue. I tried that, having switched back to Auto rather than CPU-only in preferences, and it appears to work correctly and consistently.

Export to Lightroom from PureRaw, which also doesn’t appear to work if Lightroom is already open, also works as expected when Lightroom is closed.

I assume Lightroom and DXO are fighting over conflicting GPU resources in some way or other. Not a deal-breaker, but it would result in a smoother workflow if this issue could be resolved.