DeepPrime Benchmark

Photolab should include a built in benchmark tool to give a user score to the GPU performance for DeepPrime. this would greatly aid users in determine the utility of upgrading to a more powerful GPU.

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I guess you already had, but just in case:

I also think this is a good idea. Most GPU tests are focused on Games (FPS/sec). Passmark also has a Compute Benchmark Chart listing “Direct Compute (Operations / Second)”. Is this something that behaves linear with DeepPrime?

E.g. could I make a calculation like this:
DXO help page says the Nvidia GTX1060 will achieve around 2MPix/sec for Deepprime. The benchmark lists 4436 Operations/sec. When I compare this e.g. with a Nvidia RTX 3080 or AMD 6800XT they have around 14.000-15.000 Operations/sec in that benchmark (ca. 3.2x faster than GTX1060) -> can we expect around 6,5 MP /sec in DeepPrime from those?

A list with most common GPUs and to be expected MPix/sec in DeepPrime would be helpfull.

there is a thread in this forum that compares GPU performances. Have you seen it ?

No, I was not aware of that. For others searching, this is the post:

There is also the Link to a google spreadsheet with the results.

To answer my question: it is NOT linear. In this test teh 1060GTX has 2.3 MPix/sec while the 3080RTX has 4,7 MPix/sec (-> DeepPrime export twice as fast)

Similarly, AMD’s RX 5700 XT is reported to be 100% faster overall than the RX 580, but some compute benchmarks show it to be only 10% faster. Game performance and compute performance seem to be very different things, and it seems that the latter is most relevant to DeepPRIME processing.