DeepPRIME and laptop GPU

I have a Dell Vostro 5590 10th Generation Intel Core i7 -10510U with 8GB DDR4 (8Gx1) soldered down,2666MHz, 512GB CL35 M.2 SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX250 with 2GB GDDR5

Is this CPU/GPU recommended for DeepPRIME?

Does PL4 use also in parallel the built-in Intel GPU, i.e. Intel® UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel® Processors, 300 MHz

How does this compare in performamce with more powerful desktop systems ?

Is there a better GPU abailable for this laptop to run PL4?

I suggest you try a DeepPRIME export with each of your options and compare time and display refresh experience. You can change which device will be used for DeepPRIME in Preferences > Advanced > DeepPRIME acceleration.

I do not expect very good result with the hardware at your disposal though. It may still be faster than with CPU so worth a try.

As for a better GPU, in laptops it is not possible to change it to my knowledge. It may be possible to use an external GPU but I don’t know the requirements on laptop side and it’s still not officially supported by PhotoLab (not tested). This could be a feature request.

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If I interpret that correctly the GPU is only affecting the speed, not the result?

This is correct :slightly_smiling_face:.

Top, thank you.

Are you saying that you don’t know whether an eGPU connected to a laptop will shorten DeepPRIME processing times? How about an eGPU connected via a Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adapter to my 2013 Mac Pro? I’m considering the purchase of an Akitio Node Titan for purposes of accelerating my PL4 exports.

Conclusions with OpenCL activated on Vostro 5590 i7
DeepPRIME is faster than PRIME ; CPU-only is faster than with GPU ;

DSCF8253 ; with GPU automatic selection ; acceleration OpenCL -
HQ 6 s
PRIME 68 s
DeepPRIME 57 s

DSCF8254 ; without GPU acceleration CPU only ; OpenCL -
HQ 6 s
PRIME 54 s
DeepPRIME 40 s

DSCF8255; with GPU acceleration NVIDIA GeForce MX250 ; OpenCL
HQ 6 s
PRIME 57 s
DeepPRIME 46 s

These times do not look consistent. Auto should give the same time as one of the other options for DeepPRIME.

OpenCL is not used for DeepPRIME.

If it works it will be faster almost for sure (supposing you put a better external GPU than the internal one of course). We just cannot guarantee at this point that it’ll work flawlessly.

eGPU through Thunderbolt 2 is not officially supported by Apple. You’d have to trick the OS to get it working. I don’t think TB2 to TB3 adapter would help.

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