Deeply disappointed with the DXO policy DXO 2

I am an amateur user of photography and astrophotography, who tries to use all licenses legally.

In November i bought the DXO license, but which I was half happy with, NOT compatible with Raf Fuji
and it is also not compatible with the Sony A7IVr.

Today the update message appears and if I want these improvements, I have to buy again, another €79.
I am deeply disappointed, I was expecting these improvements in an update, my license is not even 6 months old, this is a shame, if this is how you are going to treat customers, let them know that for €79.

I am going to buy the license DeNoise AI - Remarkable Image Noise Reduction

And you have lost a customer, I will not buy any more products.


Time your DxO purchases for Black Friday sale (or New Year’s sale) where for a brief period of time the whole store is 50% off. The upgrade policies can be brutal at times. I hope DxO give you an exception for your relatively recent purchase or at least a substantial discount. November is a long way away.

PS. You probably won’t like the results of DeNoise AI which is a lot less organic looking than DxO’s Prime or DeepPrime so make sure to trial DeNoise AI carefully first before spending more money.


I am equally as annoyed, mine was only 3 weeks old when V2 was released, not even a mention that a new version is coming, and it then starts with £69 to upgrade. Then I get a special offer of £35 off further. Money isnt the object, just some principal really, I know there has to be a cut off for a free update and then money has to be made, business etc of course, but a big part of business is to keep customers happy. Happy customers are return customers. Yes it’s a really good product and I am impressed with it, fortunately V2 does not bring anything with it that I need so even at £35 its a miss for me. I’ll update when there is something worthwhile having for my money.

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