Deep Prime stopped working

I have used Deep Prime from the beginning and am very satisfied with the result. Much of my shooting is on ISO 3 200 - 6 400. Camera Nikon D850. PhotoLab 5 Elite. Fantastic results!

Suddenly Deep Prime did not work any more with NEF files. It also stopped working with ORF files from a tiny Olympus Touch TG-4. Attempts to export terminated to an “unknown processing error”. It looks like with Deep Prime the CPU does not even start working or terminates before I can see it in the Task Manager.

Standard Prime as well as HQ work ok.

This malfunction has started after a long time of smooth operation in PL4 and PL5 - only problem has been that the GPU stopped to assist in calculations and the CPU has to do all the work alone. Also this problem started after an initial period of operation without problems and I follow any discussions regarding this.

I assume that PL5 should first be re-installed to try the easies possible remedy.

  • Should PL4 also be uninstalled to be sure?
  • Will there be license issues when re-installing?

Any other suggestions or questions regarding the situation?

  • Nope, you do not need to reinstall PL4.

  • Nope, licenses are not affected by uninstall/re-install operations.

  • Have you tried to select different options here?

Svetlana G.

My “second generation” IT – professional friend made a visit and did what could be done to remedy the issue regarding GPU not participating in calculating Deep Prime.
The GPU driver was updated to the latest version with no remedy. It was also de-graded to two earlier versions with the same result.
We checked that the PhotoLab in the Windows graphic’s settings was set for PL5 and not PL4. We also tried both alternatives regarding how PL shall choose GPU for calculating Deep Prime – automatically or by naming the card.
No combinations of all this made any progress.
As a result, I must surrender and accept that my graphics card is not suitable for Deep Prime. Normally, I would just go and buy a better one but in the present situation, I have only little choice. It is waiting twice: Once until graphics cards are reasonably available and secondary every time I export. Further costs will arise as time goes by and I find myself buying a new computer instead of just a card.

I sincerely thank everybody in the DxO community for the help and support you have given me and hope in the name of all of us that the chip market situation will improve soon. Let´s keep on editing great pictures with PhotoLab!

• Windows 10 Home 64-bit
• Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz
• 32,0Gt Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz
• EIZO S2411W (1920x1200@59Hz)
• 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (Gigabyte)

Hello @klasal ,

can you do a small test ?
Uncheck “lateral chromatic aberration” box in detail pannel (not the full chromatic aberration correction, only the checkbox) and export images.
Please tell me if that works.


It was non-ticked already.
Error in exporting when GPU is chosen instead of “auto”. I can supply screen shots if possible.

Lateral chromatic aberration seems to have no affect on the export process. No error, no GPU and same speed as when it is not ticked - as it has been until the test now.

Hello again @klasal ,

would you upload a RAW file with dop sidecar to ?
So we can analyse it ?