Deep Prime NR for TIFFs & JPEGs

The Deep Prime NR is amazing for RAWs, but is there any chance this will become available for TIFF and JPEG files in the near future? I’m asking, because there are cameras which do not produce files that are supported by DxO PL4, for example JPEG grabs from any of the recent GoPro cameras like the Hero 9, or the iPhone 12 Pro RAW.

It would be incredible if noise reduction was better for JPEGs, or if there was a DxO mobile app that offered something of the sort. One of my top frustrations with GoPro and phone JPEGs is the weird blue sky gradient pixelation/noise that happens in such photos. Even if better NR wasn’t possible, it would be great to have some kind of function that would remove these digital artifacts.

Here’s an example of what I mean by pixelated blue sky gradients:


This is not really the kind of noise that DeepPRIME was meant to deal with. The “stepping” in the gradient is due to an 8 bit jpeg not having enough levels of colour/luminosity to smooth it out.

A 16 bit tiff file has 65536 levels but an 8 bit jpg only has 256

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Yeah, I know it’s because a JPEG has less data. Right now I use the Lightroom mobile app to smooth out the sky parts by painting a selection mask and setting the “texture” to zero and NR to max. It helps, but it’s hard to mask off the parts I don’t want smoothed out. Examples below:

It’s possible to get rid of these things, but it would be awesome if the app or software recognized the problem and fixed it automatically.

Have a look at Topaz JPEG2RAW AI. Not a perfect fix, but it’s quick.

Did you tried Define2?
it’s in free ware DxO NIKv1.2

Deepprime and prime are working only on raw because they working in pre demosiaced r,g,b,g,data.
Tiff and jpeg are demosiaced RGB data.

If DxO does take your images for normal editing you can send them to define2 and do a extra denoising efter that.
it takes 16bit tiff’s also.

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You might want to consider downloading the trial of Topaz Denoise version 2. While the results will not be as good as DeepPRIME, it is the next best noise reduction software available, and It is usable on TIFF and JPEG files. I purchased a license for it but only use it when I occasionally need to work on non-raw images.


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And it’s on sale until Dec. 30!

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