*DEEP PRIME CRASH* when they going to fix the next update

i know lot of people having trouble with the DEEP PRIME Crash, when the next update is coming???. A month ago someone in DXO saying they do know the problem with this software in DEEP PRIME. hope is not too far away.

I think that 4.2 is due in March. I wasn’t aware that there were still unresolved issues with Deep Prime causing crashes. Perhaps you could explain what you were doing when the crash occurred?

Like wise - I’m completely unaware of any crash issues with DeepPRIME.

Under what conditions, Patrick ?

John M

I also am not aware of this DeepPRIME crash you are referring to, and I read virtually everything posted here. Does it happen all the time or just occasionally?

Please describe the circumstances as others have asked, and provide links if possible to complaints from others about this problem and DXO’s acknowledgment that they have identified a problem and a fix is on the way.


What video card are you using? And do the crashes stop if DeepPRIME is set up in your Preferences to not (automatically or manually) use the video card for acceleration?

If not already done, you should open a ticket with support so your issue can be investigated. The more info you can provide the easier it will be for all to help.

I’m still on build 2004, using an nVidia based card with automatic hardware acceleration enabled. DeepPrime is working well for me. NO BSODs for sure. Uploading your log files with your support request is very helpful.

%UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 4 logs

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Update: Patrick DM’d me to say he’s waiting to see how the next PL update performs for his situation.

His GPU is the Geforce GTX 1050ti 4 Gb … Does anyone have any info about it ?

John M

Hi John,

I use the Nvidia GTX 1050 ti and have never had an issue using it with PRIME or DeepPRIME on my Windows 10 machine with all the latest Windows updates. Photolab 4 recognizes and uses this graphics card to accelerate DeepPRIME about 3+ times faster than the CPU by itself on my machine. I’m aware of at least a few other people here using the same card without any difficulties.


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I have one of those too, no problems seen. Works just fine.
It’s the most modern card I can use with my Dell

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I was limited in my choice by my older 300 watt power supply.


Hello @Patrickwinnie,

  • Well, as you can see none of those who replied has this issue. So the best way to resolve you problem is to create a ticket in support.dxo.com as @shadowsports recommended you and provide the necessary info.

P.S. The next update is expected in March.

Svetlana G.


I had a crash on an export with Deep Prime too (though that is not a proof the problem was DP itself), but I did not think of noting the file, conditions, etc as I was a bit on a rush. I will be more careful in the future if that happens again.

I, too, have had an export crash involving a Deep Prime image. I didn’t stop to consider exactly what I had done, but will attempt to reconstruct if it happens again.

My machine:
Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 640
Intel® Core™ i5-7260U CPU @ 2.20GHz
64-bit Win10 Pro with latest update

DxO PhotoLab v4.1.1 Build 4479

I’m pretty sure your integrated Intel GPU is not supported. Try choosing CPU only in preferences. It will be slow but should work.

My PC crashes regularly when using DeepPRIME (CPU only!). This is with PhotoLab 4.1.1 on Windows 10 (64 bit, Intel Core i5-8250 and 8GB). Crashes occurr approximately as frequently as 1 out of 2 times using DeepPRIME, mostly during export but rarely even when only activating the DeepPRIME preview. Without DeepPRIME never any problem. So I am desperately waiting for an update/fix, too.

Have you submitted a log file to tech support? This will help them track down an issue quicker

I would add, that with Windows, and DxO’s RAM specs [4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)] that 8GB can be a little thin.
As a rule I take the view that
Min spec to be fairly laughable
Recommended as tolerable and
1.5-2x the recommended as actually realistic, particularly if there are other apps open and background tasks running.

My old system was Win 10, i5 (Gen 4) and non-supported cheap graphics card and would still handle PL4, but had plenty of ram


Dear @juerg and @Phil_in_WA ,

Please, report your crashes to support.dxo.com and provide the logs there as already suggested by the guys in this thread and it will really help to track down the cause.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

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Dear Svetlana,

I will gladly submit my crash report to the support group. I have a question, however. I have searched the software’s user interface, but find no mention of “logs” in the menu. I even went to the installation folders and didn’t find anything there, either. Where do I find the download log function?


Thanks, Mark. I will look at that, but I have only had one or maybe two crashes since the last update.


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G’day, Phil … See here

John M

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