Dedicated Vignette Module

Suggested settings for a dedicated vignette module:

  1. Vignette shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, free-form ability, etc).
  2. Vignette size.
  3. Multiple vignette placement.
  4. Ability to vary gradation in different areas of vignette.
  5. Ability to choose ‘clear point’ position, (centre of least affect), within vignette.
  6. Colour options for vignette.

LR6 user.

These are some of the variations of vignette effects that I would have applied to my photography work had I the options.

I like the vignette module of Silver Efex Pro 2, though not being able to see a point marker for the centre placing function is a design oversight. And of course it’s not available for colour image application.

Any thoughts?

The Creative Vignetting functionality in DXO FilmPack 5 integrates into Photolab 2 and includes most if not all of the features you’re suggesting.


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Thanks for your reply Mark. I checked out the trial of FilmPack 5 (I don’t have Photolab) & it doesn’t offer enough to warrant the price for me, as I wouldn’t use any other parts of the software. I don’t use presets & have much more control using LR6. I also encountered about a 1 second response lag between slider control & actual application of effect on the image. My pc is well over the required spec except for the graphics card, so this could be the issue. I think a much more sophisticated vignette module could be created with a bit of imagination.

Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

You were looking at the standalone package, It wasn’t clear from your first post that you were not a PhotoLab user, which I probably supposed you were. I am no longer a Lightroom user and really only use the FilmPack 5 integrated plug-in in PhotoLab 2. I use the Creative Vignetting in conjunction with Photolabs other tools directly to my raw files which personally fits all my requirements. There is no lag for me when integrated this way. Its virtually instantaneous. But none of this helps you based on your Lightroom work flow.

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