Dedicated tool to invert a negative image

I like photographing old black and with negative image with my Nikon Z7ii and Nikkor 55mm macro.

That would ne great to have a dedicated tool to invert negative image.

Of course I can reverse the diagonal of the tone curve, but then many functions are reversed, not very easy to work after.

A good suggestion, already requested here (where you can add votes):

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I did the same with Z 7 and 60 mm macro. In DxO I prepared a couple of presets depending on B/W film as a starting point and it worked pretty well. There’s always a bit of tinkering involved and I’m not sure if a dedicated “inverse button” would be good for all kind of film reproduction.
At least, DxO was working flawless through 7000 images, while Capture One crashed at least more than two dozen times.

Thank you. I do not find the way to add vote.

go to the top of the post and click the blue Vote Button :grinning:

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