Dates and Times in Film Strip are off too

I made some photos a few weeks ago in CEST (UTC+1). Back in US EST (UTC-5), using PL5 5.2.3 build 66, I notice in the filmstrip they are all off by six hours: (UTC-5) - (UTC+1) = 6.

A photo made at 20:14:23 shows up in the film strip as being made at 14:14:23. This does not happen with photos from all devices. but it is happening with my Nikon body.

Come on DxO. Working through all of these defects is tiresome. Others have reported the TZ problem in other threads, often with exports, and this appears to be another manifestation of it.

This does not happen in PL4, which has the correct times. It was introduced some time in PL5.

Please stop shooting yourself (and the rest of us) in the foot with these defects.

I believe something serious concerning dates and times broke in 5.2. I have some cameras that the time is off, others that it is still accurate. I have some that export with the correct date and time, some with the correct date and shifted time, some that export with the export date and time.

This is maddening! I would like to roll back to 5.1 until this mess gets resolved. I hate having my photos out of proper order.

I believe this issue has finally received enough attention to be raised to developers. It’s in another related thread concerning exports. The issue is the EXIF data in the exports is wrong, incomplete, or malformed.

Unfortunately, it seems as though it’s a wider problem than appears, and may not be addressed in the next release. If you find a 5.1 image please let me know.


No need.
Today’s release of v. 5.3.1 fixes the problem. At least all of the time/date problems that I was having.