Datacolor/Spyder Color Checker Profiles

Does anyone have experience using profiles produced by this software with DXO PhotoLab (v5)?

I understand that DXO does not support DNG profiles, but can use ICC profiles.

I have generated an ICC profile but when used with the original image the results do not look good.

There are 2 import options “Linear Raw” and “DXO Realistic”. These 2 files show the result (Note: the result showing the dialog is for Linear RAW NOT DXO Realistic).

Linear RAW > way too dark, Realistic > too light and Flat. Neither are usable.

“Realistic” Import

Linear RAW Import


PhotoLab Elite Edition accepts icc and dcp profiles. I use dcp profiles and they work fine on macOS.

Most profiles provide a starting point only. Apply the profile before customising colours or anything else with other tools.

If you like, you can attach your profile(s) and we could check what they do on our computers. Zip the file(s) before attaching…

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I’ve created profiles using the Colour Checker card for both my cameras and been pleased with the results.

I use both Mac OS and Win 10 and had good outcomes with PL5 on both operating systems.

I also did not understand which export function from dxo I am supposed to use, both did not work for me, same as for you.

What I did, I downloaded the free Adobe DNG Converter and created a linear dng file with that program. Then I used the Colorchecker software to create a dng/dcp profile, which I then import in Photolab. That profile has excellent colors. Instead of the colorchecker software, you can also create the profile with the Adobe DNG Profile Editor. The DNG Profile Editor allows you to make some adjustments directly in the profile before saving it. Some people say that the Colorchecker profile’s saturation is a bit too high in comparison to the DNG Profile Editor, but for me personally they work well.

I have rebuilt the TIF input to the Spyder s/w and created a DCP file instead of ICC.

This seems to be fine in PL 5 Elite (Nikon D850).

I don’t know if this made a difference but I saved the TIF with an aRGB profile instead of ProPhoto (my normal setting).

I’m not sure why the ICC file didn’t work, but as DCP seems to, that is good.