Database update after a NAS crash


I had a problem with my NAS, I recovered the files from it to a local HDD. I used to process the files from the NAS with location Z:\photos…

So after recover, I have changed the letter of my new HDD to Z, so I have my files in Z:\photos…, as before. But I can’t see raw processing of the files that were already processed. And if I change the letter to the NAS folder (crashed, I can still view files but all in read only), my raw changes still exists.

Is there a way to change the DxO database after location change ? (as it’s just a letter change, I was expecting to be automatic, but maybe it’s an absolulte path in the database)

Thanks for your help.

I see that db file can be read with SQL Lite.

As a software engineer, I’m able to change the tables content…

Is it possible to have some advice from DxO team to update the required data ? As the files were in a network drive, I think I need to change it to local, but I don’t want to miss something…

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  • Yep, you are right it’s not only the letter. Let me ask @gcalheiros or @alex to assist you in this case.

Svetlana G.

I managed to fix the issue.

If DxO wants to share in user guide, or someone has the same issue :slight_smile:

1/ Make a copy of PhotoLab.db
2/ Download a SQLLite client
3/ Identify the old an new top folder (for my case, I had two Z: folders)
4/ Run this update query with the rights ids (Id column): update Folders set parentFolderId = newId where parentFolderId = oldId
5/ Run this delete query: delete from Folders where id = oldId

And thanks DxO engineering to have put foreign keys in the table to handle cascade delete :wink:

Hello Alex,

It’s great that you fixed the issue. But it’s rather dangerous to put this way in the user guide as not all the users are software developers :wink:

I can leave this way for our Betas as they are mature enough and can work with the database deeper.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.


just a recommendation for the future: Let Photolab write .dop sidecar files!

Then a loss of your database doesn’t harm that much.

You can move around your images together with the sidecars and they will keep their settings.

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I’m not fond of side car files as it’s multiplying files in folders, and it’s a pain to backup in amazondrive, I’m not sure it’s possible to filter files in folders.

I agree Svetlana maybe it’s a bad idea :blush: