Database & Sidecars. "New user" question about which one takes precedence

Hi, I’ve just switched from Lightroom to DxO and I’m loving the results so far. I should of switched sooner.

I have a few questions:

In the program settings you can chose the location of the DxO Database. You can also choose to save correction settings in sidecar files, and load correction settings from sidecar files too.

If my understanding is correct that then means correction settings can be stored in both the database (like how it’s done in Lightroom), and also in the sidecar files too. Does DxO store the correction settings for images in both the database and the sidecar files at the same time or only 1 or the other?

If DxO stores correction settings in both the database and the sidecar files at the same time then i need to ask this question too: From time to time after previously doing some editing i might copy an original image file with its sidecar file from my 1st computer to my 2nd computer (at a different location) work on it some more on that 2nd computer and then copy the original image file with its sidecar file back to my first computer. That would then mean on the first computer there would be a conflict between the correction settings in its database and the newer sidecar file. Which one would then take precedence, the older database correction settings or the newer sidecar settings?



Hi Paul

Yes, both.
Always precedence to the side-car.
You have the correct procedure :wink:

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Hi Pascal. Thanks for replying.

I did a little experiment in the above scenario, i.e edited a Raw image file on 1 computer, then copied the original RAW file and its sidecar file to my 2nd computer, edited it a bit more on that one, bought the sidecar file back to the first computer & copied over the old sidecar file with the newer one, started DxO and for some reason in DxO i get 2 virtual copies of the image file, one with the old correction settings, and one with the newer. Why does it do that?


This is the normal behavior.

The new corrections are agreed.
DPL noted that come from other machine and “protect” your original corrections on this (the “original”) machine.
You can delete this VC.


Ok, Good to know. Is there any way to get DPL to always let the newer correction settings supersede the older one instead of making 2 virtual copies of both?


NO, It’s for safety.

Understood. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that for me.

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Hello, Paul - - just adding a bit to Pascal’s feedback …

As Pascal notes; the sidecar/.dop files always take precedence - for the exact reasons that you found in your experiment (as explained by Pascal).

Knowing this, you can remove/delete the database file - with confidence that PL will rebuild it (from the sidecar/.dop files). I do this regularly - (for workflow reasons that I won’t go into here - but am happy to explain if you want me to);

  • the database file(s) are located here (on a Windows machine): “%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 2\Database

  • Note: I don’t use any of PhotoLab’s DAM features - so, I don’t know if they may be impacted by deleting the database … but, otherwise, there’s no problem in doing so … and, if you were to do so before overwriting the newer correction settings over the older one then you would not end up with 2 VCs (as there’d be no database version to reference to)

John M

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Thanks for the info John. I’m learning DxO at speed now :slight_smile:

I need to ask another question. Should I start a new thread for it? I need to know if the Smart Light tool works independently from the other sliders like exposure compensation, i.e would smart light still use the same auto values no matter how much exposure compensation (or other sliders values) was used?

Do you know this ?

my pleasure :smiley:

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Brilliant - thanks for sharing. I’m off to do some reading and practicing :slight_smile: