Database sharing?

I posted a question here yesterday which was flagged for moderation, apparently because it was my very first post. It has yet to be approved and appear so I will try again.

I have two installs of PL4 on a dual boot machine. I have set the prefs for the two of them to share the cache files (moved to an auxiliary SSD), which seems to be working fine. My question is about letting them share the database file as well. Is this feasible or a non-starter?


Since you’re dual booting, you won’t be using both environments at the same time - so, my expectation is that you will be fine (sharing the database).
To be sure to be sure, tho, I’d do a backup of the database and check it out.

John M

…unless you run different versions of DPL…

The database share did not go well. One version of PL4 developed some glitches (e.g. editing window image was frozen and couldn’t be changed, tool pallets only partially closed and then stuck that way, etc). This may have been pure coincidence since I had also previously played with some config files in Win 8.1 trying to get PL4 to see my GPU… I know, Lucas said it couldn’t be done which was all it took to motivate me.

So for now the db’s will be moved to the aux. SSD but will remain separate. I may revisit this down the road.

Yes, I reckon it probably was - 'cos effectively (provided you’re using the exact same version of PL in both environments - and not running them concurrently) it should be no different to running PL, stopping it, and then running it again in a new session.

You seem to be willing to experiment - - I’d encourage you to try again, in a better controlled test (ie. with no other variables introduced in the middle !)

John M