Dark images almost black

Just down loaded latest version 9.1 use Nikon Z9 they are so dark and are not editable colours are way off tried all the versions please can someone help.

Is that version number a typo?

If you are using Nikon’s proprietary highlights preservation(the name escapes me), then this causes about 1 stop darker. Almost black though is another story.

Active D-Lighting.

Thanks a bunch! :grinning:

Sorry 3.9.1 the latest version.

Yes, I get that the image was not that dark I tried all 4 options still dark it’s just with some shots.
Can it be possible to get the tones all perfect for every camera I wonder.
I don’t use Active D lighting.
Thanks for reply.

I assume you mean the nef image in PL. How does the jpg look like, the embedded one?


Actually, you might be thinkng of highlight-weighted metering.

@Slysweeny110 can you post one of your RAW files to somewhere like WeTransfer?

@Slysweeny110 , PureRAW can’t do anything regarding general exposure adjustment.

General corrections are meant to be done in any other app that you might use, PureRAW was - and still is - designed as a preprocessor to compensate lens shortcomings with DxO tech.

Hi Margaret, I’m not sure which 4 options you are referring to.

Hi Mark
High Quality, Prime, Deep Prime, Deep Prime XD
The shot was a little dark to begin with but edits fine on Affinity but not on PureRAW
Thanks for replying :smiley:

Yes NEF image it edits fine on Affinity to jpg -just was trying to get a cleaner image .

Yes I understand that .Thanks
JoannaJoanna Carter Thanks its okay .

Hi Margaret and welcome to the DxO Users’ forum. I didn’t see that you are new last time. PureRAW3 is not designed to edit the photo, just clean it up. You need Photolab 7 to edit tone or color(and a whole lot more). Unfortunatelly PL 7 makes PR 3 obsolete. I hope that you are on the 30-day trial.

Hi Mark,
Of course it’s not lol I use Affinity Photo to edit shots I feel I don’t need PL7 .
I also use Nik collection but not the up to date one.
Thanks for your input thou.

Pure raw works on the raw data and only lessens the noise. The disadvantage of PR is that when you want to edit more, you have to export it in a RGB image like tiff or jpg.
When you download a free trial of PL, the PR is integrated in that version. You can start with editing and end with de-noising, all on the raw data.


Thank you George.

as noted PureRaw is a just some hack with a limited functionality of what is available in PhotoLab… advise is to actually procure PhotoLab and use it AND NOT POORRAW for what you want to achieve, PhotoLab can do all that and with better control and who knows may be you like it as a converter too ?

Well not long purchased PureRAW 3 - I manage well with what I have regards edits but thanks for your input. :smiley: