DAM-Take a look at Excire Foto

Hello, for all looking for a replacement for LR DAM take a look at https://www.excire.com/en/
Thats the new ExcireFoto not to mix up with Excire Search.
Excire Foto is standalone, works local not in cloud, uses KI for searching your photos and so on.
The face regognition and people search is a dream. Take time when starting and read the manual first.
https://www.excire.com/en/tutorials/excire-foto-tutorials/ or https://www.excire.com/de/tutorials/excire-foto-tutorials/
The next 4 weeks you will get it for 49 Euro instead of 69 Euro. There is a 30 days trial for WIN and Mac.

Have fun :grinning:

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Thanks for the share. Seems a bit lean for a 69 Euro app. lets see how it ‘analyses’ 10k images and how well it integrates with photo editing tools if at all.

Dear Migo33,
I think it depends what you are looking for. I want to replace LR with an easy DAM system. I’m not a professional and don’t want to spend much time in editing keywords and so on. A few month’s ago I gave the tool excire search a chance as LR plugin to test the KI features and was very impressed, Sure…some photos the tool recognize wrong, but for the moment it’s ok. And searching for people works very well.
So I will test a few days, and for me as fast and 80% solution to kick out LR I think i will spend the money.
DXO, Affinity and Excire fullfils my wishes for software without connection to any cloud :sunglasses:

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Can you compare two or more images at once?
Does it import to a catalogue?
Is there a delete function?

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Dear Tom,
I just recommended Excire Fot, because me and some members in the forum were looking for a LR replacement. Im just in testing phase, and some answers you can obtain by visiiting the excire web site, and reading the short manual.
So please don’t be angry that I can’t give support for a app I’m just in learning modus :innocent:
Nice weekend to you and all the forum members


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Thanks, it’s an interesting looking product. It has two features that are, in my opinion, difficult to find in the same product together — speed and visual polish.

I’ve asked a question in their forum (the first post in any of the forums, so hopefully someone is actually reading them!) about hierarchical keywords, but overall I am impressed. It is properly fast and has a nice, clean interface. Not entirely intuitive, but clean — it looks like they have a designer on staff.

I have been using FastRawViewer which is ok, better than most, but is very slow.

I going to test Excire as the idea of the AI building keywords is one I find very appealing. The AI content analyses sounds very good too.

Not going to hurt to give it a try out anyway.

at the moment for me are too many bugs inside excire. For example my photos made with the OMD EM5MII are not recognized with the EXIF for Model and all the lens data, the Ki intelligence is nice but sometimes the kewords are assigned are very funny, you can only select the amount of 49 photos if you want to add own keywords, you can’t restrict the parent-childhood level, there is no overview to know the keywords and the names of the parent-childhood structure.
And there some thing I’ve found in Excire search but not in Excire foto
A lot of the features and the basic AI function are very impressive, but i think I will wait for the next minor updates.

Have fun

The AI tagging is the best I have seen, which is to say impressive but ultimately not incredibly useful.

I was impressed with some of the classifications it made, e.g. picking out parrots from other birds, but as ever with AI there were plenty of classifications that were not made. So most of the shots I checked that had “parrot” did have a parrot in them, but not all parrot shots were classified thus.

The real test is Excire’s “find similar” function. Pick a photo that impresses you with its classification, then click the magnifying glass. I did this once and actually laughed out loud.

As I stated in their forum, AI won’t be of practical use until it’s something like 90% accurate and that is many years off yet. For my own purposes, I do not expect to still be alive when AI can do automatically what I do with keywords today, even at 50% accuracy.

Sadly, the AI seems to be their focus and I find this regrettable. AI features can materially add to the appeal of a product, but pinning everything to the AI banner is, in my view, a quick road to oblivion.

An example of good AI use is Pixelmator Pro’s AI Super Resolution which does an incredible job of upscaling images, but that is one feature in a very well rounded application. Likewise Pixelmator Photo’s ML adjustments are a useful addition but you also have full manual control of everything ML can touch.

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Hello @zkarj
I’ve read your posts in the excire forum, and I agree with you with all your statements.
In the german excire forum I’ve posted some other points and I hope the next versions will become more useful.

See you

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No worries, whatever works for you. I am not a pro either. You can use LR or Adobe Bridge as your DAM without subscription.

OMG just tried it out… I’m blown away by the AI tagging, it is seriously accurate and puts 4-6 useful tags on each picture. But other features are quite disappointing, I’d say it is barely usable as DAM as is. Fingers crossed for the next version!

For every 5 useful keywords, they put 5 wrong or awkward ones.

End result: these type of applications are not saving you anytime, they actually cost you time since you have to check and verify everything.

My suggestion: buy IMatch, integrate with free Azure or Google Cloud Vision plan… use the Autotagger app in manual verification mode.

What it does:

  • Run AI image vision on the image
  • Shows you the tags in alphabetical or % score order
  • You can then set rules how to apply them
  • The easiest is just to create a Thesaurus (some work at the start) and then match automatically to it, and add the ones you missed

100% accurate and doesn’t cost much more time then Excire solution.

IMatch also has visual similarity search as well as local face recognition that is very good.

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Thanks that’s a great workflow. I just find IMatch quite expensive, plus no good upgrade deals for each major version and I am a bit hesitant since it is a one person undertaking… tired of switching every other year. Going to stick with ACDSee for now and keep an eye on other DAMs, there seems to be quite a bit going on these days. I suspect we’ll see alot more happening with some of this AI tagging.

Photo Supreme, Daminion and iMatch all include AI tagging, and I’m sure that the technology will eventually be useful.

That’s what I find too. It may not matter much if you’re keywording for upload to a stock photography site, but it’s not great for your own collection.

Tried Excire Photo and liked it, but it simply proved too flaky at the moment.

Might have a look again at the next major update, as for me it showed a lot of promise, just not quite ready yet.

I’m fond of the phrase “on an infinite time scale.” I think AI tagging could be useful if it was adapted to specific domains — perhaps flora and/or fauna for example. In the general sense, I think the problem domain is just too big, both in the enormous number of possible tags and the enormous number of ways people would use them.

For example… what tags would anyone put on this?

Maybe I missed something but why let a stupid program let to tag your pictures?? Tags are personal too. The above example could be a holiday, city, street a happening. It’s the Netherlands and probably Amsterdam some 20th century neighbourhood in the south. I wouldn’t tag it like that but somebody from another part of the world maybe.


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That’s why you want AI to suggest and manually assign/confirm.