Customization view : Equalizer palette for local and global adjustments

Please allow overall image settings using the same equalizer as used for local corrections.

This equalizer panel would appear in a new palette by itself, taking very little space on the user interface side areas. The palette, if open has a dual purpose:

  • when user is performing global customizations, the equalizer would be an additional control over the same image transformations also available in other palettes
  • when user is performing local adjustments, the equalizer panel replaces the panel which is overlaid on the image by the existing versions of Photolab. The nuisance of the equalizer overlay would simply be avoided.

The equalizer could be redesigned and customizable to take into account its shortcomings.

Rationale : commonality of interface and compactness.

So, you want something that hides a lot of the image for all adjustments? If you want commonality, there’s already been several requests to replace the equaliser with palettes. Then you would be able to clearly see the full image for any adjustment.

That is not going to happen.


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No … that is not what I had in mind. Revised request clarifies concept.

Personally I very much dislike the equalizer. Reasons:

  1. The equalizer metaphor makes a lot of sense for a number of parameters of the same function, think of the “graphical equalizer” on audio hardware and software to setup a frequency filter function. In PhotoLab though most of the values (except e. g. shadows/lights/…) control completely different functions. So a visual comparison of the values is of little use.

Also, some functions need multiple different inputs (e. g. a sharpening). This doesn’t fit at all with an equalizer.

  1. The current equalizer is difficult to fine tune (there are hints and requests for that in the forum) and even seems to work slightly different on Windows and MacOS. In my opinion we need less of that, not more. Also, there is no numerical input.

  2. For new users the equalizer is difficult to learn for the lack of context of each slider: you have to know the symbols.

  3. There is currently no way to customize the equalizer.

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