Customizable UI (feature request)

I believe the current UI of Photolab is not flexible enough. It would be nice to make it more modular and to move for instance the viewer to the right and image info below the file browser.

Also it would be nice to be able to change the background color to a brighter grey.


Screen estate Is better used here:

Adobe Bridge:


voted although I know there is another FR or thread somewhere that deals with the UI.
But Im too lazy to search for.
I also posted this screenshot month’s ago how other companies solve this


not the same in result :grinning:
it’s only the main window background

I voted for it although I think it’s a can of worms to open up. I like to use PL the way to have the edit window ona calibrated screen while the file browser is on the iMac, I realize this is not the inteded use of the app. The library window is disconnected to the main window, after a while it’s covered with other windows and a click on the edit window brings only that one into the foreground. So, I simply don’t like the split into library and edit, it’s cumbersome and has no advantage.