Customer Service

Customer service at this company is the absolute worst that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I purchased DXO PureRaw on Mar 8th and it quit working a week later. I have no idea why and obviously they don’t know why either.Since then Riley, their customer service keeps telling me to be patient or arguing that I don’t live in Pacific Standard Time, that I live in PDt instead of resolving the problem. It’s been over 21/2 months and I want my money back. Absolutely deplorable customer service.


Sorry, we have no influence on customer support in this forum. We might be able to help though, if you can provide details about your installation.

  • Hardware
  • Operating system version
  • Graphics card
  • Where you keep your image files
  • Steps you take until PR “quits”

I am not familiar with RIley. All their support is in Europe, mostly in France, so I have no idea why anyone should suggest that not living in Pacific Standard Time would have any bearing on getting support. Did you create a support ticket at