Custom Tool Filters

As of DPL5, the righthand sidebar contains a list of filters that switch tools on and off.

I propose that DxO add a possibility to

  • customise the content to be shown by a filter
  • create custom filter buttons. Two or three should suffice and fit within available space.

If you had the option to rearrange items within each filter them you could minimize items you don’t need/use and put them at the bottom of the filter.

Don’t forget that you can create your own workspace panels which then appear when no filter is selected. You can also assign favourites which show in the favourites panel. This is how I work and I don’t have the need for anything else.

I work much the same as you, Keith … but, I do tend to forget this feature !


I alway use custom palettes. They can’t be switched on and off as easily as if with the custom filter switches though.

Favourites are a first step indeed. Having more than one set of favourites could improve user experience imo.

We can mimick what I want with several workspaces, but they cannot be switched as elegantly as with the filter buttons.