Custom order of images in Browser window

I come from using Capture One for many years and one of the most valuable feature it has is the ability to drag images, or groups of images, around the Browser window to change their order. After creating a custom order, you can then rename the images adding counter digits to fix the order ready for export. The batch renaming and adding of a counter can already be done in the Browser window of PhotoLab. Please can we have the ability to drag around the order of images in the Browser window as well.

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There’s a related (and reported) bug that is still waiting to be fixed. I don’t know how it affects the custom order but the topic of the following thread is directly related to your request :

Hi Patrick,
The post you highlight is not really related. There is currently no Custom Order facility in PhotoLab as of version 7.5, hence my feature request.

I’m not saying that the mentioned request already covers yours. You’re correct, but once this feature is available, good management of selected images upon relaunch will be even more necessary if custom order is used.