Custom names for custom cropping presets

When creating images for social media one job is to crop for the various aspect ratios:

In PL a user can create custom cropping presets but unfortunately not give those presets a custom name.

The user can create the preset 1x1.91.
This is the aspect ration for Linkedin - portrait pictures.
But the user cannot name the preset with such a descriptive name. PL only accepts the cropping value itself as a name.

For me as a user it would be quicker and more easy to choose a preset by a descriptive name instead of the aspect ration value.

Seems like a good idea to me. Don’t forget to add your own vote, Wolfgang!

Oh :slightly_smiling_face:, I can vote as well ?!
Thanks and done.

I’d rather like to have options to use both instead of either/or, e.g.

  • 210 x 297…A4 Borderless
  • 247 x 370…A3 Border 25mm