Curriculum for DXO Academy materials

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I’ve often looked at the DXO Academy materials, and dipped in to one or two specific modules which have generally been excellent. I find I can use the software reasonably effectively but only know a fraction. Now I find myself with some time to have a good go at learning a bit more systematically, and went back to the academy ( ) but don’t really find a suggested order of study. Some of the basic modules relate to earlier versions (or even to DXO Optics Pro), and some of the more modern modules assume knowledge of the basics, and mainly tell you what’s changed in the latest releases. I started with this Workflow module which uses some unspecified old version of PhotoLab but was still quite illuminating.

Is this a recommended way to learn, or would I be better using the manual?

If the academy materials are a good way to get to grips with the product better, then is there a suggested order to view the modules?

Incidentally, a hint to presenters of webinars and online demo-based training videos.

If possible have a large and bright mouse pointer, which shows “trails” behind it to make it easier for viewers to spot what you’re doing. Whenever you use a function key or escape key or control key combination or right click or left click or whatever, say what you’ve done because the viewers can’t see your keyboard.

Excellent questions/suggestions.

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most times I search at youtube, because I like some presenters more
Dan Hughes dxo nik - YouTube
Anthony Morganti dxo mik - YouTube
Robin Whalley dxo nik - YouTube

And I agree with the statements above. There was an older discussion about “how to teach a theme”, and about the structure of a lesson, but didn’t exactly know which thread

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That’s why I was updating my tutorials for every update.
Right now you just need to wait a while for the very last version but most of the information presented here remains valid.

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