Ctrl + F9 triggers language selection box

Hello everyone

Encountered an unexpected behaviour in PL v6.8.0 Build 242 that I can only assume is a bug.

When I press Ctrl + F9 - the usual shortcut to make the image miniatures at the bottom vanish and gain more editing space - this seems to trigger the appearance of an unmotivated language selection box as shown in the screenshot (see white box in bottom-right corner):

This box can be closed by clicking on the close button, but it is distracting nonetheless, so I thought I’d post it.

Hm, just tested on my W10x64 computer and did not have the same result. The image miniatures vanish and there is no white box.

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no – here, it also shows/ hides the image browser as indicated

(same PL version)

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Thanks for your feedback, guys. Given that you didn’t experience the same issue, I was able to pinpoint that in my case it was something that another app minimized to the sys tray did, namely DeepL for Windows (an AI-powered translator). After shutting down that app completely, the box no longer appears.

Bottom line, it’s by no means a PL bug, which is good news. Sorry for raising the alarm.

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DeepL is used by others in our community, so this is good to know! :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out.

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