Ctl-0 for 'zoom to fit'

This has been in Photoshop since version 3 or 2 (1990ish) - and it seems to be standard in many image editors. I’ve been asking for it since PL v1.
Asking again as I’ve just upgraded from 6 to 7.

Ctrl+0 is already used to reset the star rating.

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Why not join the request to customize keyboard shortcut assignments? Look here:

There are many others that are similar, such as this one:

They are still open for votes and comments. Adding comments will push them to the top of the recent topics list.

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The PhotoLab equivalent is F3 … as per list of Shortcuts in the Help-menu.

Yes, F3 does the trick. I am not sure of the purpose of this request. Either @bobkoure doesn’t know about the F3 key or just wants it changed. Or, perhaps, he’s on a Mac and a key to zoom to fit doesn’t exist.


Or muscle memory from most packages I’ve tried.

Coming from PS, I’m so used to < Ctrl + 0 > for zoom to fit and < Ctrl + Alt + 0 > for 100%
( of course the “0” on the num pad, not from the top row ) ,
that it took me a long time to adapt to DxO’s convention.

Same issue here. I’ve switched from PS to Affinity, but they’ve maintained the PS shortcut keys, including Ctl-0. I don’t hop back and forth as much as I used to, but I think I’ll always need some kind of pixel editor. QImage works the same with Ctl-0, as does FastRawViewer. My workflow always involves FRV as a first pass. To be fair, I don’t zoom in/out much with FRV
Yeah, muscle memory - but there’s one app that doesn’t work like the others…
Bright side: Ctl-0 doesn’t do anything destructive in PL.

I agree with this one.
Lot of people ask for some shortcuts.
User defined shortcuts would solve all this for everyone and forever (assuming needed functions are eligible to shortcut assignment).

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