Croptool rectangle status

Hello after activating the Crop function and selecting the rectangle tool I defined a rectangle.

Then I decided not to crop, press Reset and switched off the Crop function
Going back into the picture with the mouse I don’t see the “hand”, but still the rectangle tool (in front of the knee)

So I have not only to switch off the Crop function, but still also the rectangle tool.

Not a big thing, but deactivating a function has also to deactivate the underlying settings and tools.


This only happens when you switch off with the little white slider in the toolbar at right, not when switching off by other means like clicking the blue/white rectangle tool button or the crop button at the top of the screen.

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There’re more such things.
When you’ve used the ‘magnifier center’ of the noise reduction tool you’ve to deactivate it again.


Using crop button at the top of the screen to switch the crop tool on - drawing the rectangle - deciding not to crop and using the crop button at the top of the screen again to disable…it’s cropping the picture.
Thats more surprising and crazy like my old way. :question:

I mentioned it before I think. DxO has wonderful functions but the interface is horrible. Same with DxOmark.
A historylist would be useful in your case. :smile:


Hi George,
correct it’s an love-hate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: - :rage: relationship

Stay optimistic

That is correct. @Guenterm did not actually turn off the crop feature. He needed to deselect the crop tool.


The interface design is actually significantly cleaner and simpler then most of their competition but like any image processing software there is a leaning curve to get through before you can feel completely comfortable using it.


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I don’t know enough about other software. But take the croptool by example.
There’s a button on the top bar and a tool to select on the palletes. Hitting the button on the topbar activates the crop function and the crop tool. But activating the crop function doesn’t activate the croptool.
Finsishing the cropping can be done by de-activating the crop on the toolbar, the changes are saved, or by de-activating the the crop function in palettes, the changes are cancelled. There’s also a bar under the main image which gives me the choice between reset and close.
Two different places top the the crop on two different ways. Three different places to close the crop in with 3 different ways.
Why are the perspective controls on the toolbar? It’s a onetime to be used function. Keep it in the palletes. I’m missing the zoomfunction in the toolbar. Probabvly related to my old monitor on this pc. It has been discussed here.
The magnifier is activated in the noise reduction function but not deactivated when going to another function. My mouse is still that magnifier square. I think this is a bug but it shows the way the program has been build.


There are idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies in every post processing program ever made. PhotoLab is no exception. In my opinion PhotoLab is the easiest one to use. I own several image processing programs and have spent a serious amount of time training myself to use a number of others. Not one of then is as easy or as straightforward to use as PhotoLab. That is just my opinion, of course.


Nothing and nobody is perfect. Thanks to that, would be a boring world :unamused:
Take by example the window when you start PL. The pallets are huge. First time I thought: whow, divided in 6 chapters with equal tools but dedicated to that chapter!! It just happens to be duplications. DxO is trying to overwhelm me.I know I can change that but didn’t yet.
Why are there 3 sub-tools of Viewpoint on the topbar. Look at my printscreen in the other thread: I’m missing the zoom function which I use constantly. 1:1 crop ratio is not always 1:1
But I do like PL.


Dear George,
I fully agree, but sometimes I would like to have more consistency within the arrangement and the locial structure. But like you I arranged with PL.
3 weeks ago I got some pictures from my nephew, who is using my last Nikon DSLR, asking me to improve some things. I decided to install Capture NX-D again, checking if I got better results, than with PL.
I found the interface not so good, and the results of PL were better.
So I live with what I know and own.

Up to the D700 I used CaptureNx2. Completely different. My pictures are still archived in 2 main directories: one edited with CaptureNx2 and the other with, well what became, PL. In the first one I have no sidecar files and an embedded jpg. So much easier to use. I think that’s past.


George - the behaviour you describe does not happen for me, and never has. If I start to crop by clicking on the crop tool icon (rectangle with diagonal line through it), the crop tool icon turns blue and I get the selection area on the image. I then adjust the crop as needed, and save the crop by clicking “close” (blue tab to lower right of image). At that point, the crop tool icon is no longer blue and I don’t have to click on it to close it.

This is how the crop function in DXO has always worked for me, from Optics Pro v7, through to the current PhotoLab v3.3.

So either you are doing something different, and I can’t see what that would be, or your installation is not working correctly, in which case raise a ticket with support.


You can start a crop in 2 ways: one from the toolbar as you described and one from the palettes-geometry if you didn’t change the lay-out.
They’ve different behaviour. Via the palettes I’ve to activate the function and the selection tool. In the topbar both are activated.
Accepting the crop can be done by Enter, hitting the Close button or de-activating the selection tool.
Canceling can be done by de-activating the crop function in the palettes. The image is going back to the status before the crop was started however the settings are saved. Activating will bring back those settings again. Or it is done by the reset button in the crop bar under the image. The crop is set to its initial values but is still activated so to leave you’ve to de-activate the selection tool too.
It works but to chaotic for me.


@guenterm, @george

stumbled over this thread and took me a while to understand, but finally … (after 2 years with PL). :slight_smile:

The GEOMETRY palette contains the sub-palettes Horizon, Crop and Distortion, all of them with “functionality” switches (partly set to ON by DxO-Standard preset triggering some corrections).

Screen Shot 03-21-21 at 12.47 PM

This blue/grey switch turns off the function without deactivating / resetting the tool,
and allows to instantly compare corrections made by the tool to its ‘uncorrected’ state.

It’s the standard behavior, but can mislead. – The Crop tool’s active state shows up in manual mode.

So, thank you for bringing this up, Wolfgang.