Cropping Portrait Orientated Images

Not a major issue but worth a mention.

I have a portrait orientated image (many) and I use the crop tool before exporting as jpeg it offers an odd behaviour when displayed in Chrome Browser on year old iPad Air in that images are rotated into a landscape image ie laying on its side. It does this only on images shot in portrait mode and they display fine on desktop and mobile browsers. Also cropped landscape images are fine.

I’ve tested same images by cropping in other software including Affinity, Fireworks and all of which do not exhibit this issue.

As I said, workaround is easy but there does seem to be something not quite right here, just not sure what.

Are the images also rotated in other browsers?

Just checked with exiftool the orientation tag of exported portrait oriented images:

The value of the exif tag is “1”, which usually means “do nothing”. Chrome might have a switch that influences the behaviour, which can also depend on the rotation setting of the iPad itself.

In what program did you do the cropping. And what file do you crop, raw or no.


Did two crops in PhotoLab 4 (Mac) on two .CR2 files. One was a portrait shot, the other a portrait shot for which I had set the camera to NOT rotate images automatically. While the first shot comes up in portrait orientation, the second shot comes up in landscape orientation (rotated it manually before cropping)

PhotoLab (Mac) exports all images with the orientation tag set to 1 in order to signal that viewers don’t have to do anything…

ExifTool command to extract tags:

  • exiftool -e /Users/myname/Desktop/20120422-1547_DxO.jpg > exifreport01.txt

…extracts tags from the sourcefile (raw, jpeg, tiff…) and writes them to the reportfile (textfile)

You can do the corresponding thing under Windows. Results should be the same.

Works fine in all other browsers that I’ve tried.

All in Photolab 3.3 for Windows. Editing Raw file (ARW) before exporting.

…Chrome go home… or check its settings :wink:

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