Croping templates for social media?

Sometimes I still use raw files to create images for social media (instead of a mobile phone).

One job is to crop for the various aspect ratios quickly:

Is it possible in PL to give custom cropping templates custom names?
I found the function to create a template like 1x1.91.
This is for: Linkedin - portrait
I now would like to name the cropping template like this instead of “1:1.91”.

No - there is no way to apply a name to your custom crop factors, Wolfgang … but you could request this enhancement via the “Which feature do you need” category.

John M

That’s an good idea and I would vote for the FR.

As a workaround you could create a preset with the crop and give it a name you like.

Starting with a picture you can assign the preset, then deactivate the crop function, develop your photo, activate the crop function, choose the crop tool within the crop function and set the detail by moving the crop frame.

Not a professional way but it worked for me

best regards


Are the crop preset saved in a file ?
(I am not at my computer right now)

Advanced users could edit this text file to suit their use and if there could be a possibility to give a name it would be great.

At my work I always ask the software guy to read in some “configuration” files (.yaml, .xml,etc) instead of hard-coding everything. This way reducing his need to create new releases all the time and allowing me to add options.

Hi Marc,

in my test preset where I set the silly value 1,7x5,35 I found

ContrastEnhancementMidlightIntensity = 0,
CropActive = true,
CropAuto = false,
CropRatio = 0.31775700934579443,
CropRect = {
DehazingValue = 50,

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-13 um 12.42.44

Click on “clear custom ratios” nothing happens ???

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The numbers you are showing are in the DOP file for that particular image. Custom crop values are stored in a .plist file on Mac.

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Hi Joanna,

I work without DOP files :smile:

The only plist file I’ve found is the OutputSettings.plist in my user library



Wow ! - You’re a brave man …

John M

Dear John,

please mark such posts with sarcasm :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I trust in Database and backup the DB regularly.

And yes I’m brave even if not Braveheart :blue_heart:

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Ah! I see. You said you found that in your preset file.

The preferences file can be found here…

… under the key CustomCropValues…

Capture d’écran 2022-09-13 à 15.10.00

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Thank you
What editor do you use my CotEditor brings a message about incompatible signs

Because I am a developer I use my Apple Xcode IDE. What are you trying to write?

Nothing, I wondered only because the CotEditor opens the OutputSettings.plist without any problem, but opening the com.dxo.photolabv5.pslist shows a message

I will make a stop here and don’t invest time in more investigation

Thanks or supporting

On Windows I found a user.config in user\Local\DxO…

Unfortunately it seems the used crop value and the name of the entry are identical. As I understand it, changing the entry won’t work to set custom cropping names.
But the idea was great.

I opened a feature request as you suggested.

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