Crop tool shortcut

I think it would be helpful to have a keyboard shortcut for the crop tool.

At least on the Mac you can activate the crop tool by pressing “R”. This shortcut is also listed in the help menu.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the information, but on a Windows pc, R isn’t a keyboard shortcut for anything. Pressing it doesn’t do anything. It also isn’t listed on the list of shortcuts under the “Help” section. Ctrl + R is the only keyboard shortcut with R and that rotates the image 90° to the right (clockwise).

Keyboard shortcuts overall need a lot of work. There are a number of feature requests already.

I voted for this one also because it would be very simple and no reason the windows and Mac versions should be different.


Indeed. My thoughts: first finish PL4 with proper & consistently working shortcuts and other flaws before pushing a new version PL5.

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Also, confirm your crop with Enter/Return (Windows) instead of going to OK with mouse.

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Good suggestion indeed.

Please merge with Better keyboard shortcuts through the application consistent between Mac/Win and bonus for a shortcut editor @sgospodarenko

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