Crop setting of a DNG file from Bridge not recognized?


is it true that DXO can’t recognize the crop setting of an edited DNG file (with Bridge)? (like other programs e.g. ACDSee)

I wanted to finalize some cropped DNGs in DXO …

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

YES it’s normal.
DPL start again each treatment at the beginning.
That’s his job.

Otherwise you can finalize your RVB or linear DNG files with DPL.


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Okay, thanks for your help & hints!

Hello Pascal & webaschtl,
May I add some info to this.
I have been using Dxo for years, together with PhotoMechanics (PM) and Lightroom (LR).
When you crop in PM or LR, the crop is automatically seen by LR or PM. This is very convenient as I am always culling, tagging, keywording… photos with PM (very efficient) and this include very often cropping, and if I eventually want to process them later with LR I have all these informations (including cropping) available.
This is infortunately not the case with PL, that I largely prefer to LR and using most of the time now. I have to crop again with PL and … this is not reflected in PM.

This is true for all formats I am using (NEF, RW2, jpg, tiff …)

Not a big problem, but annoying

Thank you for reading me


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