Crop: let me lock Correction to AUTO

See below.

I never ever ever have to crop outside the original frame. I always want to crop inside the original image. Yet, I lose so much time editing because the crop mode will flip back to manual when I made certain edits.

Thank-you for your consideration.

You can already do set.

  • Create a preset with “Auto”
  • use that preset in preferences as your default preset and off you go

PhotoLab’s default crop settings are “auto” and “original”. If something sets “manual” instead, it must be in a created/imported custom preset or correction…

If the proposal is to add a checkbox to set default crop to either original or unconstrained, I’m in.

Don’t forget to add your vote, @miguelcampana.

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Thanks for the reply. What you suggest is a good starting point. But it doesn’t address the issue I face over and over again.

The second I grab the crop overlay to resize it the crop area, the Correction tab switches from Auto to Manual. SO FRUSTRATING.

Thanks for the vote reminder! I always forget.

… which is to be expected, because you adjust the crop manually.

Basically, your proposal is to limit cropping to the inside of the image, even in manual mode, which is another request, this time for a new feature.

Lightroom and Capture One can be set to restrict cropping. I prefer Lr’s way because it’s easier (than in C1) to get the crop corner into the image corner.

You might want to rename or extend the title of the FR to reflect what you really want. The auto setting has nothing to do with limiting the crop to inside the image :wink:

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No need, that request already exists.

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