Crop in Nik Apps

When e.g. SFX is used in standalone mode, there seems to be no way to crop an image to make it fit for printing. This means that presets like the ones with a frame will produce prints that have "unusable* frames, e.g. with a 4:3 photo printed on 3:2 paper.


  • Add capability to crop images in Nik apps.

Sorry but I don’t think it makes any sense to include crop on Nik Apps, unless it is the only software you use over JPGs coming straight for your camera or phone. If is that so, better set the format on you camera or phone, if possible, or use device native edit tools to crop. And, if no other software is involved how do you print them ? Sending files straight to the printer … your printer might have a little tool to crop and fit on the paper. Nik don’t print images.

If you shoot RAW you already have a tools to crop.

I believe most user use Nik as a plugin in a photo edit software, and others like me use it stand alone to process TIFF files coming from a edit software. On this first process there are two choices : keep the original format or crop to set a composition. After adjusted and crop they are edited on Nik. Crop actually may be before or later, anyway on a photo edit software that probably will send it to the printer.

There are a few of free software around that can be used just for crop, but if you already have a favorite photo editor, why don’t use it to crop.

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