Crop in DIN aspect ratios

Hi. As an European customer at European suppliers (both software and inkjet paper) I would sort of espect the DIN apect ratios: A4, A3, A3+, A2 … (where A3+ is lent from 13 x 19 :grinning:) being available. Could be configurable as either DIN or US (inch) based, in both cases supplemented by standard 1:1, 3:2 for APS-C + FF shooters, 4:3 for m4/3 and MF shooters. And my own ratios for panoramas put in the mix, kept from session to session.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

And a question: when the crop tool is available both in the top tool line as well as in the Essential palette, why is it then not the same tool that is activated ?? The last mentioned has an option Auto based on … as well as the Manual option. Why is the Crop tool not the same ??

The A format ratio is 1.414.
In the Crop tool, (bottom left), click on the value indicated for the image ratio, and type 1.414 / 1.
The value will be kept for the duration of the session.

In theory it is, the official dimensions (slight variations due to rounding) can be found here:

If you want to crop for DIN A papers, you can enter paper dimensions, e.g. 297:210 for A4

In fact, 1.414 is rounded … but more than enough to memorize it. The exact ratio is a square root of 2, the format area doubling each time.
But yes, you can actually simply enter the size of the format.

The main thing is to understand that you can enter any ratio for any format.
But if DxO added the aspect ratio of format A to the drop-down list, it would be a good thing.
For those who do not currently need great precision, the 7/5 ratio is close to that of format A. (1.4 for 1.414)

But on the other hand the Print facility has a multitude of sizes specified without the need to write it yourself, and keeps the possibilities from session to session. And when one spec (1.1414 / 1) is all it takes surely it will be in PL 3.3. Not ??
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

We’ve been talking about A ratio crops for a while in this forum. You can find those post using the loupe in the upper righthand corner of the page.

Other than that, there are other aspect ratios that DxO might want to consider. Still, it might not be as straight forward as adding A and B crops, letter and legal crops, JB ratios, shiroku, kiku, R and P and so on and on. There are also the formats that you can actually get out of printing services. These formats vary widely and often do not match any of the standard sizes.

Creative processes often have more than one step :wink:

In fact these two ratios exist.
7/5 is ISO A and
11/8.5 is US letter
but DxO refuses to add a comment :frowning:

Same request
Same (non) answer


I can see how to set the ratio for A size images, that’s not a problem. But why can this not be saved as a user crop ratio? This is standard in other software, e.g. Photoshop.

Making user-set ratios available would be a huge benefit to many of us.