Crop Aspect Ratio?

Can I lock the Aspect Ratio to unconstrained so that when i fire up Photolab and press CROP it isn’t always on Aspect ratio…Preserve Aspect Ratio?

I not quite sure why this is the default anyway!

I tried to save it as a new Workspace, but it seems to not keep that setting default.

I tried making a user palette with ‘unconstrained’ selected, but that didn’t work.

I feel I must be missing something simple!!

Hello @mike,

Well, the simplest way is to create a custom preset with “Unconstrained” crop and set it as a default one here:

In this case exactly this correction will be applied by default to your images.

Svetlana G.

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Marvellous, thank you Svetlana.

I’ve made many presets before with image settings/corrections but didn’t know that you could change and then ‘save’ menu defaults in that way.

Many Thanks. Mike


Hi Svetlana, met a slight snag. It doesn’t always work!

I think the issue is 'the Following Presets will be applied to NEW images discovered by DxO.

The trick works on images it’s never met before, but even if one image in a folder has been opened in DxO all the rest default to ‘Preserve Aspect Ratio’. How do i make it forget? I guess it’s a RESET somewhere, but I might accidentally reset something I want to keep!


You can select all photos
Activate Crop function
and then, the parameter “unconstraint”
Click a photo to cancel the selection

Don’t forget the trick; Ctrl+ mouse on the edge active the unconstraint mode.


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Yes, this is exactly the truth. For the images that have been already opened in PL you need to do it manually either with applying this preset to them or:

Svetlana G.

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Or delete the Database, then all images are seen as new and all images are getting the new default preset.
@John-M made a small delete script which works fine.

One heads up, the default applied preset can override some made changes you did before depends on how the preset is build. ( The dopfile is renewed when opening the image and the new preset is applied.)
you can test the behavior by applying the new preset on one image manualy.

If you don’t want to change other settings on done image’s, Pieloe’s methode is the best way to update this crop-behaviour…

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All great info everybody Time to go and play with settings…:slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks to all… Love my DxO!


PS Just need you to make a module for the Sigma 40mm on a Nikon D850. I’ve popped in a suggestion already!

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The answer to your question might be here

Regards, John M