Creepy Sidebar Bug

I’ve been reporting this bug every few iterations…and the issue still persists in DPL 4.1.2:

When DPL is opened, closed, re-opened, re-closed etc., the width of the sidebar (library view) increases wit each cycle. This can easily be verified in com.dxo.PhotoLab4.plist. The value of “DOPImportModuleSourcesColumnWidth” increases to a max. of 380, at wich the sidebar consumes about one fourth of the screen of my MacBook Air M1.

Please get rid of this issue.

I just tried this on a MBP 16" Catalina and don’t get any change from run to run.

Joanna, have you checked the .plist file?

In mine, the mentioned parameter counts up with every quit of DPL4.
See screen movie below at t=13s

Movie recorded while quitting DPL 4.1.2 on Mojave on iMac 2019
Parameter counts up to 380, no further increase from there on.

Not fixed yet DPL 4.3.1 on macOS Big Sur.

No issue for me with latest Catalina and latest PL4.

Also not such .plist file in my system folder

Downloaded PL4 from my account, deleted database, cache and settings files and opened DPL4.

The sidebar still grows by one pixel each time DPL4 is quit. The width starts with a value of 220 and is limited to 380. The settings file is located here: /Users/{yourAccountName}/Library/Preferences/com.dxo.PhotoLab4.plist

Also tested on newest Catalina, where the issue also exists.

Found the plist now. No idea why normal search in the finder didn’t found it. But the crappy finder search in OS X is well known :wink: Anyways, still cannot reproduce your problem. Mine was at “380”, changed to “225” and keeps it after closing and reopening.

Same here.
macOS 10.15.7
PL 4.3.1 build 60 ( +EA )

PS: I did not delete DB and settings.

Search is limited to things that the “usual user” looks for. This is Apple’s support for independent developers ( :wink:) who can fill the gaps with apps like e.g. EasyFind (flexible with learning curve)

“Find Any File” is available in the app store. It’s easier to use than EasyFind (depending on nerd level)


I know, but often to lazy to fire up EasyFind :wink:

…command-space and “eas” isn’t too complicated…

Not yet fixed in DPL4 build 61.