Creative Vignetting

PL3 with FP, there’s that “creative vignetting” that you can use, to me it is not really creative, most if not every software can do that regular vignette. question… is there a way to use the eraser to remove some parts you don’t want to and feather it?
Exposure software has a creative vignetting that you can form how you want, you can also do some in Ps or AP with the lasso tool and a curve adjt to it.

Well, like the name or not, the “creative” aspect in FP seems to refer to the ability to form and adjust the vignette - change its center point, move the effect toward and away from that point, intensify it, feather it, alter its shape a bit, and make it dark or bright. If you’re sure that you’ve familiarized yourself with its full capability, and still find that it can’t achieve the desired effect on its own, can you be more specific about what you are trying to do? Maybe provide an image? There’s no way to “erase” parts of this particular effect - but there might be another way to get the result you want. For example, use local adjustments to apply parts of the vignette effect that you don’t want applied to all four quadrants of the image.

As Greg points out there is no eraser, but you could accomplish more exotic vignetting using the brush in local adjustments. Keep in mind that this is not Ps, AP, Exposure software, or any other pixel editor, This is PhotoLab, which is a raw converter/processor. DXO lacks a number of features available in other software. However, the things it does well makes it the preferred choice for many of us despite its lack of some features. On1 Photo Raw 2020, which is a raw editor, does seem to have vignetting functionality much closer to what you were expecting. The only downside is you have to process your images in ON1. I own the current version of ON1 and while the output has definitely improved it is still not at PhotoLab’s level.


Thanks guys, obviously I think I was hoping for more by the name “creative”. Don’t get me wrong, after being with DxO since optic pro 11 I’ve never look at FP until recently as for me it could be done in Nik if you have it. I was just expecting creative vignetting something different that other software already do.

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There is reason for this.
The first goal of FilmPack about 10 years ago was simulate argentic film.
The creative vigneting feature to simulate the lens vigneting according to your will.
Nothing more.

Today there is room for a mix between Nik and FP. I think that this work will be difficult.

Hi Mike - The use of “creative” in the name of this feature is to distinguish it from the vignette aberration caused by some lenses (which is addressed by the DxO Optics Module for each body+lens combo).

With the “creative vignette” feature, you can add your own vignette affects, for (you guessed it) creative purposes. You might also try the Color Efex Pro “Darken/Lighten Centre” filter.

Regards, John M

I’ve noticed, its a basic vignette effect that you can set the center point where you want and limited to circle to oval form, every software does this plus in addition to brighten the centre as well (exept FP).

I’ve used this in color efex or silver efex if in b&w but some time ago I switched to do it in Affinity Photo using the lasso tool with a curve, you can invert to brighten the centre, use the brush to soften or remove some spot to your taste.

I kind of thought you could in PL FP creative vignette that you could at least use the eraser and adjust feathering and opacity with it, I was wrong.

Hello guys, I was looking for this “creative” vignetting, as in LR, and I’m a bit confused that you need to buy another software to have this option… I’m getting that right ? You can do it on PL like on LR ? :frowning:

Yes. When you activate a FilmPack license, you get numerous additional features in PhotoLab, including Creative Vignetting.

If you already have Nik collection, just do it there instead of fiddling in PL which is limited even with filmpack

I’m a bit lost with all the add ons, FP, Nik collection, etc. What is Nik collection and what does it bring ? I first tought it was a nikon software :slight_smile:

The Nik Collection is an incredibly popular suite of post processing modules created by Nik Software in the 1990’s. It was later sold to Google and marketed by them for a few years before they abandoned support of it. DXO purchased the Nik Collection from Google towards the end of 2017 and has made various modifications to the 8 modules it currently contains. The modules are generally used as plugins with other software such as Lightroom, PhotoShop, and PhotoLab rather than as standalone programs. Each module focuses on a different aspect of post processing. The current version, the Nik Collection 4, was released recently…