Creating Photolab Projects from photo selections in other software


I’m currently evaluating Photolab 2 as a RAW processing complement to my DAM, Mylio. So far, I’m really happy with what Photolab does to my photos. Should I decide to register, which I think I will do, there is one workflow feature I would love to see: The possibility to create a XML file or similar in Mylio, based on selection of images spread over many different folders, and use that XML file to create a project within Photolab 2.

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This can be done. I use Photo Supreme as my DAM. You create a Portfolio/Collection, or whatever it is called in the DAM you use, select the files in the DAM, and open these selected files with DPL, a project is automatically created within DPL.

I do not know Mylio but I assume there is a “right-click” Open with… or like in Photo Supreme you can link external editors with it.


Wow! Even simpler than what I suggested – and already implemented! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Yes, me too I work like this, but I first manually create my project in PL and then I drop my selected files from my DAM on it.


I was trying this method from Mylio.

Selecting photos from a Mylio album and using Photo - Open with - DxO Photolab 3 (or 2) opens the folder for one of the files and doesn’t create a Project

Did somebody succeed with this method from Mylio?

I believe this functionality depends on the host application, not on DxO PhotoLab. If the host application cannot “handover” a batch of images as such, DxO will only take the first image. I know Photo Supreme and Lightroom can do it.

I couldn’t get this “multiple selection to create a project” working. I tried in FastRawViewer and Finder: Both open PhotoLab and the selection will be taken over to the image browser (if all selected files are in the same folder). But no project is being created.

I wonder what special thing Photo Supreme does. @Sigi, can you comment on that? Is there any setting in Photo Supreme, e. g. a command line parameter that is passed to PhotoLab?

Hello Christian,
nothing special done. It worked like this in Expression Media which became Media Pro. I am now using Photo Supreme and it works the same. In Photo Supreme I have added DPL as my external editor. This means a “button” is created within PSU which I just need to clic,

Doesn’t this help you ?

Thank you for the hints. Could it be a difference between Windows and MacOS? I use a Mac.

Dragging and dropping would be less convenient. Usually I use FRV and PL in full screen mode.

The actual reason for me trying it is because it takes at least six clicks to go from a standard filter in PL to one which deselects zero, one, and two stars. Taking over the selection from FRV into a project would be much better.

I am on Windows.
Mylio doesn’t allow me to drag and drop anything from the application.
I haven’t tried IMatch about this yet.

Update: something has changed. I normally do not work with projects so I have only tried it now again. Projects are not created automatically anymore. It works now a Mark has described it above.

Me too 

And you do not use this little thing called YOINK ? :scream:


I am sorry. I have no idea about Mylio (and how things work on Windows).

In my experience, you don’t want to have to know :crazy_face:

As an IT consultant, starting with MS-DOS 3 and getting as far Windows XP, I was just so glad to discover Apple’s OS-X - so much easier to use and manage.

ha ha !
I agree but shhh we do not want a Win-Mac fight here :grimacing:
It’s the reason why I did not participate on the other thread about privacy and misc. Let’s stay focused on the topic to keep this place friendly.


Update 2: I updated to the latest version of Photo Supreme and everything is back to normal and as expected:

  1. I create a “portfolio” in Photo Supreme (this is their name for a “project” in DXO)
  2. I select the portfolio and select all files in this portfolio
  3. I open all the files selected with the DXO-shortcut within PSU and the project is created within DXO.


I found out (for MacOS). There are different ways to start an application in MacOS and to pass files to it.
From the command line you can get to this behaviour using this command:

open -a "Applications/" "path1/image1.jpg" "path2/image2.CR2" […]

This will open PhotoLab 3 with a new project created if the images provided are located in different directories. If all specified images are in the same directory just this directory is selected and no project is created.

The project name is taken from the folder name of the first image file. If this project exists already then the files will be added to it.

In FastRawViewer I don’t think I can select pictures from different folders anyways. Put perhaps this finding is interesting for someone.

On Mac, this is how I do it:

  1. In DxO, create a new Project for the photos you want to work on.
  2. Make sure that the new Project is active in PhotoLab.
  3. In Mylio, select the photos you want to work with in PhotoLab.
  4. In the Photo menu, select Open With and then PhotoLab.

Hopefully the process is something like that on Windows as well.


It might have to do with the format of my files (CR3), which is not yet supported by Mylio.

I tried it yesterday with other format RAW images (downloaded from dpreview) to test and it also might have to do something with Windows.
For the supported RAW images, Open with took me to the file in Photolab, but no project was created or it didn’t matter, if a project was selected before.

On the other hand, I tried it from the ON1 browser and that way new project (or something similar) was created in PL with the selection I used in ON1.

Looks like I have to make contact with the Mylio team about this behaviour, although until they have at least some rudimentary support for CR3s, it doesn’t really help my workflow.