Creating correction preview

I have taken advantage of Black Friday to upgrade both PL and FP to v7 on my M1 Mac. The problem I describe below does not occur on v6 which performs perfectly well in this regard.

The problem relates to images taken on my Samsung phone (“a module does not exist …”). When the containing folder is opened for the first time in PL7, all images appear with the circular arrow on which disappears as each dop is loaded. When an image is selected and either Customise is selected or the image is double-clicked the screen changes to Customise, the thumbnails appear along the bottom, the image panel remains black and the message …creating… appears. Nothing then happens. I can select another thumbnail but nothing changes in the image window. I cannot change back to the Library screen. I cannot close PL7 unless I force-quit.

The folder has been browsed multiple times in PL6, dops exist for all images and many have already been adjusted and/or had keywords added. I installed PL and FP from my upgrade links - I have not uninstalled the two v6 applications and when I go back to PL6 and load the same folder, it works without incident.

Can anyone offer any guidance please?