Creating composite photo from two images

Will PL 6 help me create a composite photo from two different images? I am not sure if this is just an advanced form of cloning or if there is another more accurate word for what I want to do.

  1. If there are two birds at different distances that I want to photograph together, I take a separate photo of each, remove the blurry bird from the first image and then paste in the clear image from the second photo.
  2. I have two photos of an animal with a tree. In one image there is a dust ball or some diffraction that has created a cloudy ball on part of the tree. If I can take the tree (or part of the tree) from the other image, I can quickly eliminate the distraction.

You currently cannot create a composite photograph using PhotoLab. I also tend to doubt that capability is in DxO’s long-term plans. That type of functionality is probably better done in a pixel editor like Photoshop or Affinity Photo.




You need Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo or any other similar program to do this.


Take a look at ON1 Photo RAW. It is set up for doing exactly that.

If you have dxo PL you would be much better off PS, Affinity Photo or another photo editor.

Yes. Don’t switch raw converters just for image composites.

AS others have said you need a pixel based editor like Affinity/PS etc. The free Gimp editor is perfectly adequate for most of those things. It’s not so good as a photo editor(better using PL6 for that) but for composites, cloning, and stitching panos of focus stacks etc Gimp will do a grand job for zero cost.