Creating Calibrated Color Profile - Saving Location

When creating Calibrated Color Profiles the default saving folder is the folder containing the image. And, you can’t change the default.

I think it would make much more sense to save the profile to folder (similar to the Database folder) under: “C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 7”


It just needs an option to save that profile to the last used folder – then you have my vote.

That would be because the CCP relates to the specific image (or set of images) that it was based on - - given the lighting conditions in that/those image(s).


I add images to my “Input” folder and then move them to another folder once edited.

However, I want to create “generic” CCPs based on my Calibrite ColorChecker Passport 2 results, such as full-sun, shade, indoors etc. that I can apply to any image.

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Ah, OK … Gotcha.

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If you want to create DCP profiles, I guess it’s because of color accuracy. Creating “generic” profiles based on shooting situations is not going to work. For instance, shooting a portrait outdoor will have different colors based on what the subject is wearing, which plants are close to the person and so on. The 'generic" process you’d like to put in place is not something which is going to provide you with any accuracy at all