Creating a frame preset

Hey there. Is it possible to create a preset that includes a white frame? One of the reasons is that when I export an image I like to export one with a frame and without a frame.

Knowing that I can use two export functions at the same time, I’m wondering whether I could create an export preset that has no frame, and an export presets that has a frame, and then export one image in two different ways at the same time.

So, is this possible?

If you have DxO “FilmPack”, frames are included.
Screenshot 2024-07-06 at 12.00.38

Do this after you have selected a Preset.

There is probably a much better explanation somewhere,

Define your frame.
Under Image menu, Save as New preset From Current Settings…
Apply to a VC and export.

Thanks for this. I think what I meant was I wanted to be able to apply the frame at the moment export, rather than apply the frame to the image and then export the image, if that makes sense.

This is what made me think about creating a preset that includes a frame, and then applying that preset at the export level.

To answer your first question, you can create a preset which includes a frame, assuming you have a FilmPack license, using the Preset Editor. which is circled on the left of this attachment.

I created a new preset for this exercise, based on my startup preset, and called it JUNK. You can create two types of presets, partial of full. A full preset will change any current settings to whatever settings are in the preset. A partial preset will only change a specific subset of the settings and will only overlay those specific settings

What determines the difference between a full or partial preset are the circled check marks on the right hand side of the image If every option in a preset is checked then it is a full preset. If any feature is deselected by removing the check mark, it becomes a partial preset. If you only want a few very specific features in a partial preset you must ensure that only those features have been selected with check marks. Note that if a feature is checked there is a blue background which makes selected features easier to identify. You can then save the new preset.

If you prefer a having a preset, rather than just using the frame tool as @mikemyers suggested, you should create a partial preset which you could call White frame, as an example, and which only applies a white frame with a specific fixed width and position inside or outside the the frame of the image. However, if you want flexibility with the frame width or position for each image you should probably proceed by forgetting the creation of a preset and just edit using the frame feature directly and export again.

If you only want a few very specific features in a partial preset you must ensure that only those features have been selected with checkmarks.




I agree with your suggestion, However, while that will give him a frame, assuming his has FilmPack, it won’t include that frame in a preset, which is what he was asking about.


Actually, that really helps.

So, if I’ve creates the preset, is there any way i can create a new export and add that preset to it.

So, for example, if I create a new export, for example:

“final output with frame”

So every time I select this export, it will output the image with a frame attached.

Is that possible?

Not that I know of. But, if you make a virtual copy and apply the preset to that, then you can choose which VC, or both, you want to export