Create "catchlight"

Where should I put the highlight point ?


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Is that an eye I can see between the legs? :crazy_face:

yes, not recognizable because miss highlight :wink:

And be aware to put a protective filter on your lens and wear a hat when doing this kind of shot :crazy_face:

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  • You can either move the brush slider (with the mouse) e.g. all to the left

  • or use Crtl + mouse scroll to set the brush size
    (depending on your (Windows)settings …
    the default from one clickstop to the next is “3”

    and this affects (limits) your mouse scroll ‘travel’

So best is to zoom to your liking and then set / adjust the brush size.

Just note – PL is no pixel editor, where you can zoom in and edit luminance and colour even at pixel level.

More thanks!

I’ve used the Clone Tool to do this. It gives good control of the size and shape of the highlight. It works as long as another area of the image contains a color similar to what you’re looking for in the highlight.

Draw the highlight using the clone tool selector. I find that drawing it as an arc enhances the appearance of eyeball curvature. Once Photolab selects the area to be cloned, drag the source area to the region with a color at least close to what you want the highlight to display.

You can then use the Control Point local adjustment tool to fine tune the color of just the highlight. Adjust the selectivity of the control point so that it adjusts only the highlight.

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Thanks! That’s a smart idea.