Crash on Cancel

If I go into NIK ColorEffects or SilverEffecgs from PS CC 2019, then click Cancel, often times (but not every time), NIK will crash and take PS down too. I always use Smart Object layers. I updated the NIK filters on Nov 16 2018, and I’m running MacOS Mojave on a MacBookPro that’s 2 years old. The crash happened with the initial paid release of the NIK filters from DxO (which I got on June 9 2018), and still happens with the fall update. If you want a test case, I will try to find a reliable one, but I need some way to send it to you. Pls send me a note if you want me to supply a test case to reproduce this crash. - Thx, Jim

This is a follow-up post to the one I made this morning that created this thread. I’ve managed to construct a very simple test case that reliably crashes NIK and PS. Here are the steps:

  1. Open a JPG image in PS CC 2019
  2. Go into menu Filter / NIK Collection / Color Efex Pro 4
  3. Pick a preset and tweak the sliders. I chose Darken / Lighten Center and set the the center and border luminosity
  4. Click on the Cancel button

It’s crashed 4 times in a row for me. My NIK setting for “After clicking OK” is “apply the filtered effect to a new layer”.

  • Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim,
I’ve tried exactly as you said and I can’t get it to crash on my system
I have tried quite a few times
I tried other presets to

W10, PS cc2019

Hi Terry - Thank you for trying my test case, and the odd thing is that since I posted it, it worked every time for me too! Software can be more mysterious than subatomic particles, and there’s definitely a Heisenberg-thing going on there too! Seems like every since I went into the NIK settings to verify the setting of the “After clicking OK” setting, the test case just started working. Cause or coincidence? Can’t say. Cosmic wonder.

I’ll continue to monitor for a reliable te4st case, and hopefully will never need to find one. But the “crash on cancel” has been happening since the DxO update. I still LOVE the DxO update, because NIK no longer crashes when I save the filtered layer with OK> Ya knowm the “crash on cancel” happens at the very same point as the “crash on OK” used to… right when NIK hands control back to PS. I always thinght it had something to do with storage mgmt, or perhaps a bad pointer,. I did send a couple crash reports via the MacOS crash reporting feature. If you get those reports from Apple, you might get a clue about this one.

Thanks for everything you do, and esp for the NIK update.

  • Jim

I’m using `Windows., are you using a Mac?
Which version of PS are you using?

Yes, I’m on OS X 10.14.1 (Mojave), and PS CC 2019 (20.0.1). - Jim