Crash and 4 hours

I was transferring processing photos direct from my sd card. On 1 sd card there is 777 photos which will take 4 hours to process and when I added another 200+ photos from my 2nd sd card. The app suddenly crash. Tried it a couple of times and unsuccessful. So I ended up doing 1 sd card at a time.

*Macbook Pro M1 chip ( Catalina )
*Prograde SD Card
*Lexar SD Card
*970 EVO Samsung NVME

You should transfer files off your SD cards first, then process using PureRAW. I saw another post of yours and it seems you have PureRAW confused with a photo library management tool like Lightroom, PureRAW is not a DAM it is just a RAW processing application


Please never perform image processing on an SD card. The respective file is accessed very often for processing, which delays everything. Copy the RAW files to your SSD hard drive first, you will see that everything will go much faster then.


Today’s update validates my complaint.

You should never, never, never process directly from an SD card. The fix to PureRaw was not intended to fix issues when processing from SD cards.



… plus if you do, you wear out your card.

For ‘safety’, always reformat your card in camera.

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