Crash 5.1.1 after upgrade to Win 11

I upgraded my laptop to Win 11, then saw there was an update from PL 5.1 to 5.1.1. After starting PL5 after the install, PL5 crashed (I sent the crash report). In addition, PL5 can find images in folders that were present before the upgrade/install(!). I’m currently re-indexing my Photos folder to see if that fixes the problem.

No problems with the upgrade to 5.1.1 on my Win 10 desktop.

After reboot on the Win 11 laptop, PL5 still reports ‘This folder does not contain any images.’ except in the folder that had been open before the upgrade. (Fortunately, my images are still actually present in the other folders.) I’ve restarted the re-scan on my Photos folder.

I finally deleted the PL5 database after it became obvious that PL5 wasn’t completing the folder scan. PL5 seems to be running OK now, but I need to check in the morning.

There is something amiss in PL5’s database error checking. The program should have identified database corruption and notified me. If this is related to the upgrade to Win 11, DxO should be aware.

Good morning @jch2103,

Could that folder contain old (ea) sidecars?

Svetlana G.

I don’t think so:

  • I had been using those folders w/ PL5.1/Windows 10; no issues
  • As soon as I deleted the old database and restarted PL, it immediately began re-scanning folders instead of giving a ‘This folder does not contain any images’ message. The .dop sidecar files were untouched.

Let me know if you need the (corrupted) database; it’s in my recycle bin.

Good morning!

Thank you. Can I ask you to reproduce the issue and provide me the crash report first?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

So far, the problem hasn’t reoccurred. If it does, I’ll let you know. I suspect it was a one time event related to the Win 11 upgrade.

EDIT: As I mentioned in my original report above, I sent a crash report to DxO (with my email address) at the time the incident happened.

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