.CR2 files not importing

Hi all
New to DXO PureRAW - currently using the trial version.
I have been very impressed with the end result from processing the .ORF files from my Olympus E-M5 Mark II. However, even though the website says it is supported, I get an error message when trying to import the .CR2 files from my Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.
Is there some sort of trick to get this to work ?

Hi and welcome to the forum. Probably a good idea to open a support ticket at


Technicians will be glad to help you there.

I’ve updated PureRaw today and it still opens all the CR2 files I throw at it. I suppose that you have tried more than one file. If you still git the camera, take a new shot and try a fresh file…

You could also post one of the mischievous files on a sharing platform for us to play around with…

Hello @Imp ,

welcome to DxO forum :slight_smile:

Are your CR2 files shot in mRAW or sRAW mode ? because we don’t support these mode (which are not real RAW).
If yes I’ll correct Supported Cameras - DxO as it’s not written for that camera.
If not could you, please, upload one or two example iamges (RAW) to upload.dxo.com under your forum name (instead of the support ticket number) and let me know when ready.


@Marie, you could also propose to support those files like jpegs? I strongly feel for a more supple attitude than the current either-or policy.