Correct way to download images on a Mac?

Help! New to software.
I open up Imagine Capture download, imagines to photos (camera attached to computer via usb) and can see small thumbnails, no matter how a save them the are greyed out with Raw in top left corner. And PL doesn’t list the file.
I just can’t figure it out.

Are you using mRAW or sRAW files?

Far as I know it is a raw file (from Fujifilm camera), not sure what a mRAW or sRAW are,

If your Mac has a memory card slot, I propose you

  1. remove the SD card from the camera
  2. stick the SD card in the Mac’s memory card slot
  3. open the Finder and drag the image files from the SD card to the destination folder
  4. wait until all images have been copied
  5. select the SD card in the finder and eject the card, e.g. with command + E
  6. wait until the SD card is not shown in the Finder any more
  7. remove the SD card from the Mac and reinsert it in your camera, do not format the SD card just yet. You can do it when you have a fresh backup (time machine or other).

If your Mac has no card slot, get a card reader (watch for transfer speed) and do as above.

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Thanks I will copy that.

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Been away for while with my move and just recently got back to shooting. Thanks for the info got it working now.